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For New Students

Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition(PLAR)


What is Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR)?

PLAR is an assessment to determine if what has been learned outside the course or program is equivalent to, or satisfies, the expected learning outcomes in a certain course or program.

CCC's policy on PLAR

We, at CCC, are committed to meeting the needs of our unique and diverse student base.

We recognize that many students may bring in significant learning from training or work experience outside the post-secondary system, and that reliable PLAR can benefit our students. CCC supports opportunities for flexible assessment consistent with our students's needs, acceptable to our clients, employers, and developed in a manner consistent with established criteria in the post-secondary system.

How Prior learning is assessed?

The most common forms of assessment used include one or more of the following:-

Challenge Exam/Simulation

A written or oral exam/simulation designed to test a candidate`s mastery of the expected learning outcomes.

Portfolio Assessment

Documentation, for example, letters from employers, work samples, performance tapes, testimonials, transcripts, certificates etc, demonstrating your mastery of the expected learning outcomes.

Personal Interview

Through an interview, you are given an opportunity to successfully articulate your mastery of the required learning outcomes.

Articulated course transfer credit

where possible.

Criteria used to assess learning

During the PLAR process, the assessor will consider the following questions while evaluating your request :-

  • Is your learning relevant to , or consistent with, the expected learning outcomes?
  • Is your learning sufficiently recent to satisfy the learning outcomes?
  • Can the documents in your portfolio be authenticated?

Maximum credit allowed through PLAR

A student may obtain up to a maximum of 50% of the credit value of a program through a PLAR process. The rest of the program must be completed and credit obtained from courses at the Canadian Community College.


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